Business Analysis - Foundation

The BA Foundation certificate is for candidates who want to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business analysis principles and techniques.

Business Change - Foundation

Based on a business change lifecycle, this certificate covers the techniques, frameworks and models used in business change.

Commercial Awareness - Foundation

Structured around Business Finance and Organisational Behaviour, this certificate looks at the commercial and organisational knowledge required for business analysis work.

Business Analysis Practice - Practitioner

This certificate is concerned with some of the fundamental aspects of business analysis. The focus is on using an holistic approach to the investigation and improvement of business situations with a view to developing effective, feasible business solutions.

Data Management Essentials - Practitioner

This certificate enables candidates to implement an industry standard best practice approach to data management. It looks at the development of procedures for managing corporate data and what is required for the administration of data and database management.

Modelling Business Processes - Practitioner

This certificate focuses on the investigation, modelling, analysis and improvement of business processes. Candidates are required to apply business process modelling and analysis techniques and understand a framework for business process improvement within which these techniques may be applied.

Requirements Engineering - Practitioner

This certificate focuses on using a systematic approach to eliciting, analysing, validating, documenting and managing requirements. Candidates will be able to understand and explain the requirements engineering approach and adopt relevant techniques at all stages of this approach.

Agile Business Analysis - Professional

Embracing agile can result in significant business benefits. This certification assesses competence in two areas: applying the agile philosophy, methods, principles and techniques within a business context; and, the role of business analysts during agile software development.

Business Architecture - Professional

Business architecture blueprints and activities provide a means of analysing the impact of proposed changes and ensuring the effectiveness of business change programmes. This certification assesses knowledge and understanding of the principles, rationale and techniques of the business architecture discipline within the context of business change programmes.

Data Analysis - Professional

Business analysts need to be able to analyse data requirements and the business rules the data must support. This certification assesses knowledge and understanding of data analysis, modelling and validation techniques, and their application when analysing business data.

Benefits Planning and Realisation - Professional

Understanding how to manage benefits to enable their realisation is critical for business analysts. This certification provides candidates with an understanding of the process and techniques used to plan, manage and realise the business benefits that are predicted to result from business change initiatives.

Business Finance - Professional

Business finance provides core insight into financial management and reporting. This certification assesses with regard to the concepts and techniques applied in financial management and reporting.

Stakeholder Engagement - Professional

Stakeholder Engagement provides the tools and techniques to ensure total business acceptance. This certification assesses knowledge and understanding of key frameworks and techniques used when working with stakeholders.

Team Leadership - Professional

Managing people effectively and appropriately can be the make or break of success. This certification assesses knowledge and understanding of the concepts, tools and techniques used to successfully lead and manage teams for high performance as well as a range of best-practice models for leadership, management and interpersonal skills, which are required in the modern workplace.

Information Security Management Principles - Foundation

This certification provides candidates with good knowledge and understanding of the wide range of subject areas that make up information security management. This includes cyber security, risk management, vulnerabilities in social media, legislation, security standards (ISO 27001), business continuity and cloud computing.

Data Protection - Practitioner

This certificate will broaden your understanding of the law and its practical application. It incorporates the latest changes and updates outlined in the Data Protection Act of 1998 and the way it works with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

Freedom of Information - Practitioner

Based on the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) you will understand the context of good information practices and its implications to public and private sector organisations, as well as to individuals.

Data Protection - Foundation

This certificate provides an understanding of UK data protection law. This includes how it is applied in practice and its importance for organisations holding personal information to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Business Continuity Management - Practitioner

This certification offers a ‘hands on’ approach with a number of practical sessions. After which, you will be able to make a significant contribution to an organisation’s business continuity management process.

Information Risk Management - Practitioner

This certification provides a hands-on approach to learning about all aspects of information risk management and makes full use of current international standards (including the ISO 27000 series).

Information Assurance Architecture - Practitioner

This certification looks at what it takes to be an IA architect. It explores how to build an architecture that fits business requirements, mitigates the risks and conforms to the relevant security policies, and how to balance information risk against the cost of countermeasures.