IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – Advanced Level, Requirements Management

The IREB® CPRE- Advanced Level modules are based on the contents of the Foundation Level. Each Advanced Level module focuses on one or more educational unit of the Foundation Level and has been created to provide a deeper understanding of the core skills explained in the Foundation Level course.

Throughout the IREB® CPRE- Advanced Level module Requirements Management you will acquire a deeper understanding of the different professional roles and the ways in which the requirements are managed. IREB® defines Requirements Management as a process used to manage existing requirements as well as the artifacts associated with them. This includes the storage, the changes and the pursuit of the requirements and other artifacts. This also involves, among other things, to structure requirements, to improve and consistently change and implement those [Rupp & Sophist 2009].
Throughout this IREB® CPRE Advanced Level module you will explore the three main focuses of Requirements Management:

1. Managing of requirements or resp. requirements throughout the development process
2. The management of different activities in respect to requirements engineering (for example, Requirements Management as a form of process management)
3. Managing the system components or of individual component in a system context

Two further Advanced Level specializations are available: Requirements Modeling and Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation.

IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – Advanced Level, Requirements Management
Board / Organization
International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB® e.V.)
Available Levels
- IREB® CPRE Foundation Level
- IREB® CPRE Advanced Level (Requirements Modeling, Requirements Management or Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation)
- IREB® CPRE - Expert Level (in preperation)
Course: please contact your preferred training provider for possibilities | Exam: German (English in preperation)
Target Audience
Software Designers, Software Developers, Software Architects, System Analysts, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality Managers
Basic knowledge in software development is a requirement for attending training. The Foundation Level certificate is required for further steps of the IREB® Certified Professional for RE Program.
Part 1 – Written examination:
Paper-based exam, 75 minutes (15 minutes time extension for non-native speakers available on request), up to 45 multiple-choice questions, minimum score 70%

Part 2 – Written assignment:
Approx. two day’s homework within a period of three month after receiving the task for this part of the examination. The submission must occur before the end of the 12 month time limit.

Please find more information in the exam regulations in the download section of the IREB® (
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