For 35 years, Teradata has provided enterprise data warehousing and data management agility solutions to global companies who want a competitive edge. Built from the ground up with the world’s most powerful database, our data warehousing solutions are what the world’s largest and most competitive organizations use for actionable insights and decision based analytics.

Designed to deliver high performance, diverse queries, in-database analytics, and sophisticated workload management, the Teradata Database supports, enables all Teradata Data Warehouse solutions, and outperforms all other vendor analytics solutions. Teradata provides a complete family of purpose-built data warehouse platforms that address a full spectrum of needs - from entry to enterprise level - all designed to work with the proven power of the Teradata High Performance Database engine.

Slash Networks offers courses on:

  1. Teradata DBA
  2. Advanced Teradata

1. Teradata DBA

This course covers the following areas:

  • Introduction to DBA
  • Understanding Default Databases
  • Working with Storage Objects
  • Working with Organizing and Uniforming Objects
  • Tool: Database Administrator
  • Resource Accounting
  • Dealing with Teradata Spaces
  • Data Compression
  • Housekeeping: Part 1
  • Utility: Database Query Logging (DBQL)
  • Managing Queries
  • Collect Statistic and Automation
  • Analyzing Query Plan
  • Utilities
  • Teradata Viewpoint: Part 1
  • Teradata Viewpoint: Part 2
  • Teradata Workload Management

2. Advanced Teradata

This course covers the following areas:

  • Introduction to Data Warehousing
  • Introduction to Teradata Express 15: Part 1
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Statement Processing
  • Data Distribution and Accessing Methods
  • Collecting Statistics and SQL
  • Teradata Functions and Operators
  • Teradata Transaction Types and Objects
  • Teradata Spaces, Utilization and Teradata Administrator Tool
  • Query Optimization
  • Teradata Compression
  • Teradata Tools and Utilities: Part 2
  • FastLoad
  • MultiLoad
  • FastExport
  • TPump (Teradata Parallel Pump)
  • Teradata Parallel Transporter
  • OleLoad
  • Teradata Viewpoint and DBQL
  • Teradata Analysts Pack