ASQF® Certified Professional for Project Management

A large number of software development projects end with substantial deficits, many fail completely. The focus of this certification is the basics of project management in software development projects.

Covering classical project management activities as well as quality and risk management for software projects and emphasizing in depth the critical success factor in project execution of “Human Resource Management“.

This certification combines specific characteristics adapted to the requirements and conditions of the modern and innovative software industry.

ASQF® Certified Professional for Project Management


Board / Organization
ASQF® Der Arbeitskreis Software-Qualität und -Fortbildung e.V.


Course: German | Exam: English & German


Target Audience
Project Managers, Quality Managers, Software Project Managers


Basic knowledge of the software development is preferred, but not essential.




ASQF® Certified Professional for Project Management is offered as a paper-based exam after training or during our regularly scheduled public examinations or as a FLEX Exam.

61 questions, multiple-choice, 90 minutes (25% time extension for non-native speakers available on request), minimum score 70%


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Not necessary


Learning Objectives

• Provide a basis of knowledge required for successful initiation and execution of projects
• Understand project planning and the components of a project plan
• Know how to steer projects and secure quality
• Learn the definition of Human Resource Management as a component of project management
• Oversee projects by analyzing risk