CMAP Mobile App Test Automation

Apps and mobiles have become an important element of today’s IT and society in a very short time frame. Mobile technologies are fast changing and have a huge impact on how we develop, how we test and what we test.

IT professionals should be up to date with the latest development of the mobile technology and how it impacts testing, performance and security. As a result of the various exercises you will take part in during this course, you will gain a broader understanding of the impact of mobile and the broadness of the market.

CMAP Mobile App Test Automation is the first specialization to be released after the original foundation level course. This course is an introduction to mobile application testing via User Interface (UI) Test Automation. It provides an excellent introduction to mobile testing, the most relevant techniques and terminology. This is an entry level certification and positioned on the Foundation Level of a broader program in the domain of mobile technologies (Certified Mobile App Professional).

Other topics in this domain are:

• Mobile App Testing
• Mobile App Performance Testing*
• Mobile App Security Testing*

CMAP Mobile App Test Automation
Board / Organization
iSQI’s Special Interest Group “Certified Mobile App Professional”
Course: English, German | Exam: English, Spanish
Target Audience
This course is aimed at professionals in the area of software quality and software testing: testers, test analysts, test designers, test Managers and Managers.
It is recommended that participants have reached the Level of CMAP Mobile App Testing- Foundation Level or ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level or at least have 2 years of experience in software testing.
CMAP Mobile App Test Automation is offered as a paper-based exam after training. Participation in the training is mandatory before taking the exam.

30 questions, multiple-choice, 45 minutes (25% time extension for non-native speakers available on request), minimum score 65%
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